Biohacking – optimize yourself!

Biohacking is a movement about healthy lifestyle to rich a high performance to the body and mind

Thanks to a tip, my interest in an extraordinary movement—still relatively new in the German-speaking world—was aroused. In July 2019 I followed up on that tip and attended the international biohacking conference, the “FlowFest 2019” in Munich.

During the conference, I familiarized myself with a range of topics and practices in the biohacking scene.

What is biohacking?

It refers to our individual power to increase our physical and mental potential—as well as that of the environment—in order to enhance well-being and performance.

On a beautiful sunny July morning, hundreds of cheerful, healthy-looking, multilingual people flocked to the courtyard of the old factory on Munich’s Prater Island. Their aim? To exchange ideas about new health trends and further increase awareness around issues related to body and mind.

The host was former high performance athlete Max Gotzler.

He is the founder of “FlowGrade” and one of the leading representatives of the biohacking movement. Conference participants spoke German, English, Dutch, and Finnish, along with other languages I couldn’t identify. There were various lectures and multiple workshops on offer.

The conference also brought together a number of outstanding speakers and guests. A sun-worshipping neurosurgeon from the United States, a scientist and keto nutrition advocate, and a self-made biohacker from the Netherlands. He climbs into a tub of ice water for 2 minutes every morning and doesn’t eat his first real meal until 2 p.m.

There was also a scary-looking bodybuilder who won over the audience by lovingly demonstrating stretching exercises to relieve back pain.

Equipment vendors and various representatives for a range of nutritional supplements were also part of the festivities.

I was especially impressed with a red light lamp that supposedly has miraculous biohacking effects beyond heating. Vitamins, magic-powder concoctions, special mattress covers, and magnetic field-zapping devices were naturally part of the offerings, too.

Completing the picture were numerous books about advanced forms of exercise and sports equipment. During lunch, there were only organic and natural lemonades to drink, of course.

Despite feeling slightly critical, I still learned a lot and took away plenty of lessons from the conference!

Here are my everyday biohacking tips for everyone:

  • Every morning after waking up, a yoga sun salutation, followed by a 30-second cold shower
  • A 10-minute walk before breakfast, if possible
  • 1 hour of exercise 3 times per week: ¾ cardio and ¼ strength training
  • After exercise, 400mg magnesium plus calcium in the form of a sports drink
  • As often as possible, choose only steamed vegetables or salads as side dishes for a protein source
  • Spend 20 minutes in the sun every day, even when it’s cloudy
  • Avoid elevators whenever possible
  • Meditate for 10 minutes before going to sleep


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  1. how to make a good article like this?

    1. Thank you!
      Write simple and from your heart!

      Ninelle M.

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