How to be a good Lover

You are a good Lover to a woman, if you know needs of her. Be in good physical and mental condition. Remember: the performance of your best asset is not realy important for a woman. Use mostly your hands and your mouth to be a good Lover!

I’d like to dedicate this article with gratitude to my male readers.

Just about every man strongly identifies with his greatest asset. How could it be otherwise?

As long as he’s happy with the size, and with the way it’s functioning, all’s right with the world.

But if there’s even a minor problem in this area, it can be cause for concern. And it’s far too easy for “minor” problems to quickly develop into major ones.

Why? Beyond their physiological function, we also expect the genitalia to perform labors of love. Preferably on demand. Otherwise, a man feels inferior.

At this point, I’d like to share something that might be hard to believe: If your sexual partner is a woman, neither size nor functionality matters to her!

When a woman goes to bed with a man, her first priority is to have things unfold in a way that’s satisfying for her. So if you’re looking to please a woman, a totally different set of qualities comes into play!

For one thing, it takes longer for women to get turned on.

In fact, if we compare the time between the start of stimulation and climax, it’s about 3-7 minutes for men and 15-30 minutes for women.

This is why it’s important for men to find good ways to bridge this time gap. A woman doesn’t usually have to do much to bring a man to climax. But most of the time a man has to make an effort to bring a woman to her sexual peak.

In this case, mental and physical endurance are essential! Not to mention vitality and loving care.

Being in good physical shape is also very helpful here. See my post BioAge ; How you can lower your Biological Age

The fact is, if you’re at a healthy biological age, nothing can stand in your way when it comes to having a good love life. One of the keys is having generally good circulation, which enables blood to supply nutrients to all parts of the body, helping it function at an optimal level. When this is happening, you naturally feel good.

Besides paying attention to your biological age, keep this in mind: if you want someone to think of you as a good lover, it’s important to start off by asking them what they want in bed!

This is how to be a good lover to a woman:

  • Create a warm, cozy atmosphere
  • Incorporate some prolonged, imaginative foreplay
  • Use your hands and mouth to bring her to climax
  • Only then is it your turn!


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