Interval Fasting – the light alternative

Have you ever fasted before?

Fasting happens to be very trendy right now. Especially when it comes to using radical methods to improve your health.

Why is fasting so popular? It’s been scientifically proven that it puts the body under positive stress, cleansing it and forcing it into a process of renewal. A traditional fast takes at least 7 days, during which you only drink water, sip on a cup of rice or oatmeal porridge once a day, and torture yourself daily with an enema. After this, you feel like a new person. But only if you survive the first 2 days. And that’s not easy!

By the end of the first day of fasting, most people get a terrible headache due to the lack of glucose in the brain. The stomach also chimes in—painfully—as a way of protesting the fact that it’s suddenly out of a job.

When I tried to fast, I couldn’t make it through a day like that. In the end I had to drink a cup of hot milk with some honey so I could go to sleep. So if traditional fasting is too much of a challenge, what’s the solution?

Here’s where “light fasting”, a.k.a. interval fasting, comes into play.

Although the results aren’t 100% equal to those of a classic fast, interval fasting can also have positive effects on the body. The centerpiece of an interval fasting regime is a 16-hour break between 2 meals in one day.

The scenario can look like this:

  • dinner before 6 p.m.
  • and breakfast the next morning at or after 10 a.m.

If you stick to this schedule, you’re fulfilling the basic requirements for interval fasting without having to expend a lot of effort or deal with prolonged feelings of deprivation!

Another advantage of fasting at night is that the body can concentrate completely on its nightly repair processes without having to expend energy digesting food.

If you can manage to do it 3 times a week, interval fasting can have a noticeably positive effect on your body and health.

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Good luck!


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