The power of self-love

The power of love to yourself makes you freenund open to another people
What is self-love, how do we express it?

Is it just an attempt to use manipulation to further your own interests?

Is it about only listening to yourself talk, without letting other people get a word in? Does it come down to a “me-first” kind of attitude? (A more common behavior among males than females) Throughout history, competition has governed male behavior: those who fail to compete miss out on opportunities for material success. They’re also less desirable. That’s the way nature works.

But a lot has changed in modern society. Along with their traditional relationship-oriented behavior, women are increasingly making claims on sources of power.

This is a good thing. But what about self-love, especially among women? Are women practicing it enough? By self-love I mean the ability to let go of the pressure to fulfill other people’s expectations. Not needing to please everyone, and not denying or disregarding your own basic needs.

Practicing self-love is easier if you consciously see yourself as a woman, and feel like a woman, no matter how old you are.

So how does this work?  By:

  • paying attention to yourself more often.
  • finding your inner anchor.
  • being aware of your soul, your body, and your sexuality, even if you don’t have a sexual partner.

Look in the mirror, acknowledge how attractive you are, caress yourself, and say “I love you!”

Stick to your own way of thinking, dressing and moving.

Practicing self-love gives us great power. It also enhances our ability to move through the world more calmly—and to feel more independent and self-confident.

When you love yourself, there are no limits to how much you can share your love with others! Read TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR THOUGHTS!


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