Away with micro-inflammations!

Mit der richtigen Ernährung Mikro-Entzuendungen bekämpfen

Its common knowledge that as we get older the body’s repair processes take longer—and sometimes don’t function as It’well as they should.

What’s lesser known is that countless, barely detectable micro-inflammations are often the cause of the body’s inability to repair itself. These micro-inflammations are small accumulations of immune system.  Cells and substances that, in line with their purpose, get rid of the body’s own “waste.”

In the process, the body disposes of immune system cells.  They creates an even greater amount of waste, which in turn attracts other cells. This can put a strain on the body.

If we want to lower our biological age, we want to improve the body’s ability to repair itself and clear out what we don’t need.

As I mentioned in my post BioAge: How you can lower your Biological Age  regular exercise and good nutrition can have a positive impact on your body’s repair processes.  It help you create less waste in the first place.

Besides incorporating exercise and practicing good nutrition, it’s important to prevent the body from overreacting to inflammation—and getting rid of valuable immune system cells in the process.

Anti-inflammatory substances can be helpful here. Cortisone, for example, is one of the greatest discoveries in modern medicine. For some inflammation-related diseases, it’s the remedy of choice.

For healthy people, however, natural substances—such as those contained in plants, fruit, and berries—represent a perfectly adequate way to reduce inflammation. Cherries, raspberries and turmeric are particularly good sources of anti-inflammatory substances. Red wine, which contains a polyphenol called resveratrol, is also a well-known source of anti-inflammatory nutrients.

Here’s my recipe for preventing micro-inflammations:
  •  A handful of cherries or raspberries every day
  • Every 3 months for two weeks: turmeric capsules OR a delicious dish with turmeric twice a week
  • Twice a week: a glass of red wine or resveratrol supplements



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