Biohacking – optimize yourself!

Biohacking is a movement about healthy lifestyle to rich a high performance to the body and mind

Thanks to a tip, my interest in an extraordinary movement—still relatively new in the German-speaking world—was aroused. In July 2019 I followed up on that tip and attended the international biohacking conference, the “FlowFest 2019” in Munich. During the conference, I familiarized myself with a range of topics and practices in the biohacking scene. What […]

Away with micro-inflammations!

Mit der richtigen Ernährung Mikro-Entzuendungen bekämpfen

Its common knowledge that as we get older the body’s repair processes take longer—and sometimes don’t function as It’well as they should. What’s lesser known is that countless, barely detectable micro-inflammations are often the cause of the body’s inability to repair itself. These micro-inflammations are small accumulations of immune system.  Cells and substances that, in line […]