You can find everything you need within yourself

Strengthen your independence from external influences. Take responsibility for your emotional world

We want to be seen, loved and recognized, making a good impression.

Natural, understandable and honorable needs. Because we are social creatures, highly dependent on each other.

That’s how nature wants it. On the one hand, it encourages us to improve our personality and appearance. But on the other hand, pressure and doubt arise when the results do not meet expectations.

The word “expectations” contains the word “expect” for someone or something that could make us happy and content.

At the same time, nature has given us our own will and the freedom to make personal decisions. This not only affects actions, but also our feelings.

The expectations of other people are usually self-imposed chains. It’s up to us to get rid of them!

We can limit them and view our own possibilities as “unlimited”.

These options include:
  • Strengthening self-love, in all its facets. The power of self-love
  • To be present and completely with yourself in every moment without giving up control over your own feelings
  •  Planning individual experiences, independent of other people
  •  Creating retreats and visiting them regularly
  •  Respect and care for your own body
  •  Keep the inner dialogue positive
  •  Learning to let it go

Anyone who pays more attention to their inner self and seeks fulfillment and satisfaction there becomes more independent of external influences and other people and retains control over their own emotional world.

This helps you to cope better alone and gives you more calmness in everyday life.

Here are my 5 tips for more freedom and peace of mind:

1. Clearly define your main needs, preferably in writing

2. Ask yourself every day whether these needs can be met on your own

3. Build in beautiful self-love rituals every day: body care, styling, sexual experiences, Live out your sexuality , home-cooked food

4. Accept that you cannot be “everybody’s darling” and that this is a good thing

5. Write down 3 sentences why you can love yourself better than someone else, along the lines of “I can love me better than you can!”


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