How to be a good Lover

You are a good Lover to a woman, if you know needs of her. Be in good physical and mental condition. Remember: the performance of your best asset is not realy important for a woman. Use mostly your hands and your mouth to be a good Lover!

I’d like to dedicate this article with gratitude to my male readers. Just about every man strongly identifies with his greatest asset. How could it be otherwise? As long as he’s happy with the size, and with the way it’s functioning, all’s right with the world. But if there’s even a minor problem in this […]

What really is anti-aging?

Your lifestyle is the right responce if you want to feel and stay younger.

Everyone’s talking about anti-aging these days. Thats why the market for products and services that promise to help us “stay young” and “feel younger” is enormous. There’s a wide range of options, from anti-aging skin care products and dietary supplements to more radical approaches like cosmetic surgery. With all of these options, the goal is […]